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Founder and Builder: Shawn Hutchinson

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Executive Manager: Kaa THE CROW Lumbricina (Mayasuena Resident)

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more about The Kessel Room:

The Kessel Room is a recreational facility created for the enjoyment of the civilian community that supports ASR. Nestled along the eastern border of ASR’s Artik Research Facility, it boasts a two story sci fi themed nightclub, a large outdoor patio that can be converted at the touch of a button, and a movie theater with synced media viewing and karaoke. Events are held at the venue on a regular basis. You can keep up to date with all of the Kessel Room’s events by joining the ASR – Citizen Sector group in Second Life or by joining our Discord server. Reach out to Mayasuena in world for an invite!

If you would like to have your sim considered for a video, please send a message in-world to Amari Rowley or on Flickr to Amari Royal. amari rowley (Flickr).

You can also share your Kessel Room experience with our community by joining our Flickr group here:

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We love to see the fun that happens at the Kessel Room! See you there!

Visiting the Kessel Room is definitely an experience. Let’s show everyone why! Snag some shots in our amazing venue, then upload and show them off in our group. How do you capture the perfect scene at the Kessel Room?

Step ONE: DJ arrives.
Step TWO: Party favors + the right song.
Step THREE: All hell breaks loose!


The Kessel Room is celebrating its 1st anniversary as only the Kessel Room can!

May 4th and 5th, 2021

Join us for the Kessel Room’s 1st Annual Anniversary Battle.





In a bold move, the rebel forces have invaded Kessel Landing and seized the glorious imperial city! Light sabers, X-wings, and freedom? Oh, my! Will Kessel Landing ever be the same again? Where are the hordes of storm troopers when you need them?!

Show us your inner Jedi!

TIME: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm SLT


The Emperor has commanded the Army of the Sith Republic to take back his glorious imperial city, executing Order 66 expeditiously and with extreme prejudice. No Jedi is safe. Witness the might of the ASR as they restore order to Kessel Landing.

Show us the power of the Dark Side!

TIME: NOON – 8:00 pm SLT


The Kessel Room (POC: Zoey Ishtari)
ASR – The Army of the Sith Republic (POC: Shawn Hutchinson )
The Symphonic Experience (POC: Trinket Xenno )
Constantine Radio (POC: Vinscent Constantine )

>> thanks KAA for the permission to spread this out in my Blog and Facebook <<

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  1. Congrats and hugs Kaa and all of the Kessel Room;) I love to see that you guys have already your first Anniversary Party coming up;) A big pleasure for me to share this with my music lovers and lovers of the…..”let it be a bit different” way of enjoying tunes, weather the tunes itself or the locations:) The Kessel Room is one of th Places which attracts by the building…atmosphere…futuristic theme and the fantastic skill and detailed build Shawn did once. Its worth to have a look and hopefully you will find the tunes which makes you stuck there too;) Enjoy…have a great time….open up and let your senses lead you;) Hugs K;)

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