I love the music, and I love to dance to it. The point when music takes over control of our minds we are there where we want to be. Some DJ’s and Musicians are brilliant in serving the tunes, guiding us to an ecstasy level. If the crowd around us feels the same and we see their appreciation in gesturing, does not only lift us higher, also the DJ’s getting their approval they are doing “fantastic”;) I wanna thank all of them who gives me and share with me that healing and liberating state of mind.


I tried to find a way to support the music scene in SL Second Life ..at least the spots i am cruising around… and the feedback i got so far shows me it works. Yaay to the technic and the world wide web;) You will find here dj music links… informations, inworld events….clubs…..and hopefully more. I moved to this new Blog, as i reached the limits of the previously one. As i grow more and more and Facebook takes a big part meanwhile am glad i found something now to make it easier for me to combine. Gimme some time to sort it out…..
I want to make a clear statement here. I am supporting clubs and dj’s, i dont manage them. I have projects I am involved, cause they are special and they even support my ideas and thinking about what music means for me and can do. My Blog offers a selfrunning System, where all can participate by using the comment/reply section, in order to leave, nice words for them you want to support, or Clubs and DJ’s, which like to announce their Events/Sets or other Information or links. The comments will be approved by me, which safes me and you of bad spam and will also appear like i call it “pings” on my main home page. Search your DJ…your prefered Club, put the page direct links in your Profiles and Fan Groups or any Promotion Templates. The more know..the better it works. That’s actually all i want from you….to show me that you like what i am doing,)

if u are one of this passionated…addicted music lover follow me…well..us….music unites!!!!

Just to let u know…..am gettn started if music turns into feelings….and not just a matter of hearing it. If i need it harder….i die for some goooood techno… Techon is life…and…makes me explode from inside.. helps me to reboot;))

Hope to cu in Secondlife!!


inworld:  K (karin.barthelmess)
K’s World of Music Secondlife inworld group key:


find your  Music Artists here;)
find your  Clubs here;) 
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  1. I have been actively spinning for over three years in SL. I have a fixed schedule and nearly 200 mixcloud sets to date. How do I do about getting listed here? Thanks!

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