inworld name: DJ Mr.MAYO (Gromit Mayo)
Owner of  THE CUBE24
all about House, tech, deep, minimal, classic, progressive & techno
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Definition of the CUBE24 TECHNOID style:

Technoid is NOT techno.
It takes the dark DNA of the 1996 club sound and mixes it with the progressive sounds of the 2020s.
If you don’t know if it’s techno or progressive – you’ve come to the right place.

Technoid was invented in 09-2022 at CUBE24.

Some crazy ideas are born in the car. Gromit Mayo was stuck in a traffic jam listening to some music.
He thought of all the clubs that exist – and existed – in SL. These clubs should never be forgotten.
So how about paying tribute to them in a piece of music? No sooner said than done. So “To Th Club – Tribute to SL Clubs – remix by MrMAYO” was born.
A track with tech house beats.

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Music lover, Owner of CUBE24. SL addicted.
I am always open for a good conversation.
If you want to know more about me, just ask me. I try to answer honestly.

Clubs so far:
Deep Box

To the Club. Thoughts on 2022.

since 2020-04-11 I have reopened the CUBE24.
A lot has happened in that time. And – despite all the rumors – almost only positive.

Now it’s time to draw up a résumé.
I wanted to thank all club owners, DJs and DJanes and the host. Also all promoters and supporters are thanked.
Through your work and your music you make SL something special. A place where our guests come to have fun for a few hours of the day.

Never forget that. it’s not -only- about how much you have in the Tipjar 😉
it’s about indulging our hobby and being there for our guests.
Of course there are also the stupid moments. Where you argue and get on each other’s nerves.
But honestly, this is Secondlife ….lets try to not go over the top, respect each other and try to find solutions in a calm way.
I love to wander around the SL clubs and just let myself drift with the music. because that’s what it’s all about.

I especially don’t want to neglect to thank K !
through her blog and now DC she brings us closer together.
This is also a lot of work and pays my deepest respect.
Be proud to be part of her community and keep working to have that earned.

I am doing everything I can to make SL a better place!
THANK YOU all. Keep your clubs going, keep playing good music and supporting the teams.
And the most important: Let your bouncers kick out the drama 🙂

So far & let the music play – Gromit Mayo – DJ & Club owner


Electronic, Minimal, Trance, House, Deep House, Funk, Disco – Come and listen to a bunch of the best DJ’s in SL.
and yes – we have a OPEN STAGE!

Club Crew Management:

亗 Ĥãиΐãk Fēΐяΐ Ƈσƨτεℓℓσ 亗 (haniak.feiri)

Horus Salubrius

Club schedule click here

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cube24 calendar

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Secondlife inworld group key of the CUBE24



CUBE24 – one of the best House Clubs in SL

House, Trance, Electro, Minimal, Techno, live, DJ

The CUBE24 was founded in 2013 for the first time by Gromit Mayo aka Mr.MAYO. In 2020 the club returned to SL. From the beginning CUBE24 was an event club and not a 24/7 dancehall.
The team is committed to the best electronic music. Only the best live DJs play at CUBE24. The team sees itself as a family, and the love of music is the focus.
Here, the genres range across all areas of house music, deep house, tech house to techno.
In addition to the music, it is important to us that our guests feel comfortable and are well looked after. So there is at the CUBE Bar everything that tastes good from no59 by Caroline Planer
The most important thing in Gromit’s eyes is a good team. He is very proud of his people. Landra Beerbaum as manager is responsible for the team leadership. Seppu Beerbaum for the technical support and Leon Leissa takes care of the good mood in the core team.
It is important to the creators to maintain a good and friendly relationship with the other top clubs in SL. Therefore, it is not surprising that many other club owners are among the DJs of CUBE24 and you can often see Gromit and his team on other stages.
Since late 2020 the CUBE24 is supported by Mrs. K. We are particularly proud of this, because it shows that we live up to our promises.
Since 2021 the club also offers “open stage”. Whereby the team DJ’s can play in the club or on the street. Guest DJ’s can only play on the street.
Gromit Mayo was often asked where the name of the club comes from. Well, the building is a Cube and 24 is Gromit’s lucky number – it’s that simple.
Mr. Gromit Mayo




is a non-profit project of 8 street artists from Cologne, Germany, which deals with the topic “hate in society” and experiences the participation of artists from all over the world, especially through Instagram and other social media.

The idea to deal with this topic artistically through collages with designs of the participating artists was born in October 2018 during an exchange of ideas between Cologne artists: Planet_Selfie, Greentaxonomy, VCTRPLNT, Maidincologne, Adultremix, Cuts.and.pieces, Sweetsnini and 8arms2hug.

Hate is a global topic and shows its evil face in many different facets. It is time to act, it is time to get loud. About art as a means to an end and about social media for the worldwide networking of artists who set an example against hate.

The project was launched via Instagram in November 2018. The viral effect was already clearly noticeable after a few days on the net. From the beginning, more than 100 artists from all over the world participated, among them many well-known artists like Thomas Baumgärtel (banana sprayer) and Dave the Chimp, who joined the #nohatefamily movement. In February 2020, around 1400 artists are already actively making a creative statement against hate with their individually designed #nohatefamily sticker.

To make a sign against hate means concretely to show by the union of the artists in the collages that we stand united for love, diversity and a peaceful coexistence. The larger sticker collages are called “Wall of Love”.

Cologne, London, Berlin, Toulouse, Munich, Amsterdam, Hamburg, New York, Leipzig, Ohio, Frankfurt, Rome, Düsseldorf, Rostock, Isla Holbox/Yucatan, Siegen, Opladen and others worldwide – the #nohatefamily movement is present with walls of love designed by local artists and supporters.

The #nohatefamily movement says NO TO HATRED!

The Opjects to pin on your walls in SL are shared in mod/copy at this Location. The Sale of it in or outside of SL is strictly forbidden!

Supported by 8arms2hug.  Shared by Gromit Mayo.


UPCOMING EVENTS check the comment section below, or search on Cube24 Events!

10 Years CUBE24 >> TP Point click here

Gromit Mayo statement:

April 1st 2013 – April 1st 2023
The CUBE24 has now been in SL for 10 years.
A hell of a long time.
Time to say thank you.
To all the great people who have visited us to dance with us and listen to the best electronic music.
A very special thank you to Horatio Freund – without whom I would never have opened this club.
To my RL wife Camilla Luponox who has supported me all these years.
To ChillyMilly who was the first manager and kept the club going.
To Nero Posthorn who gave the club a home in its early days.
To Domana Rau, who persuaded me at half past two in the morning to reopen it after a long break.
To Billa von der Bong, who encouraged me to play even more
and to Mrs.Beerbaum and her partner Seppu, who helped make the club great.
To my Co-owner Horus and his partners DirtyAngel – guys I just love you.
Thanks to our managers, to those who used to do the job and to all those who are currently filling it.
To K! To her especially, because she has not only always supported me, but also does a lot for our community!
And to my partner Jules (Mrs MAYO) who is always there for me and supports me in the club.
To all the hosts who are just as important for the great parties as for the fantastic DJs who play here at CUBE24.

To the Sponsors & Friends of CUBE24
K – K´s World of Music – stay informed & tuned !!
Caroline Planer / no59.. – Thank u for keeping us drunk 😉 (and fill us with coffee when we need it)
DATRIP Blackbart – Legal Insanity & MIU – dress us always in style
MOVE Animations Colonge – keep us dance
I P♥OSE U – custom poses

a big thank you for 10 years! Here’s to the next 10 – cheers


thanks for the Permission to spread this out in my Blog and FB;)

Supported by K’s World of Music

now also available inworld! All Music Lovers, active or passive, can join my Group for free! DJ’s and Club Owners please contact me directly to get the right Group Tag as K’s supported DJ, or and Club Owner.
SL Group key: secondlife:///app/group/00b0bc50-66f1-c46a-1b41-7fdbe21e864b/about

also available on following platforms:

find more Informations about the DJ’
s, Clubs, Events and more in the comment/reply section under each Post and Page;) Thanks all for your support of the SL Music Scene;) K;)
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  1. what a outstanding journey into the variations of techno;) this energized and sophisticated set;) If you missed to hear that live….please…listen to his upload….it will have a massive impact on you….😉 ty Mr. Mayo for this unexpected surprise packaged from you;)…waitn def for another one;) Hugs K;)
    You will find it on my main Blog Page at the sidebar…scroll down under “K’s suggestion of Secondlife DJ Sets” TY;)

  2. Welcome back Gromit…and a special warm welcome in my music circle;)..Thanks for supporting my Work too;) Hope we can add much more to the nice chats we had already;) Thanks for reloading the club cube24 again and share this place with us, where i hope we gonna hear some of the great dj’s we have in sl;) Beside that i look forward to hear your own style of spinning all around the energizing clubs in SL;)…serve yourself guys….check them dj’s….or club’s…communicate with each other and use this VR world to get the feelings we miss in rl. let the music take over you and take the refreshed and balanced ego back with you to rl;) Warm hugs….K;)

    1. Many thanks Mrs. K. So nice that we are here. We are very happy and promise that we will inspire the group with the finest electronic music.

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