inworld name: Bella (bella.nova)



DJ @ Secondlife

Present/Past Clubs and Guest DJ @
Chaos, Cube24, Epic, Flow, Garmes Lounge, Holy Decadence, Peak Lounge, Pulp, Room23, Sanctuary, Systematic, Toxic Underground, Underworld, Velvet Underground, Anarchy, Basshead, Cemento, Clocktower, Moonshiner, Korrosion, Rhythm, Singularity Tribe, SILQ, Smash in Klub, Deep Box

SL Loveparade, 420 Bang the Bong (Stoner Hangout), Electrofest, Rave After Dark

Favorite open Stages: Code open Stage, Stoner Hangout, Tunnel Club (closed, but was my first love…)

Digital Native, Child of Second Life, Real Life Music and Club addicted. Started DJaing in Second Life…gathered some Real Life DJ experience. Started with Virtual DJ Software…but learned fast my four channel Traktor S3 controller has become one of my best friends. My passion is to create new sounds by mixing up to 4 Sound layers of Techno and House tunes. My sets want to tell a story and seduce you to drift away with me into a dimension of Rhythm and Space sounds. Techno and Deep Sounds are my love…I want to share with you.

Music is the missing link between Heaven and Earth.

We’re never gonna survive, unless…
We get a little crazy


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