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Owner: Sandra Heart (anesandra)

Dj Sandra Heart: Funk/Nudisco/All house-styles/techno/deep Music is my destiny…Music rescues me…. again…
Sometimes you can hear my heartbeating…..

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Welcome to the crazy World of our Club. Meets friends and enjoy the music of many Dj´s around the world.

Sometimes you can hear my heartbeating…..

The international Holy Decadence Club *HD-Club*, founded by Sandra Heart, has existed for 2 years. But the club never wanted to become famous, it wanted to be a place for music lovers and artists, a home where everyone can develop freely.


We see ourselves more as insiders, family and many friends. Here information and tips are exchanged, DJs play their favorite music without any guidelines. The only rule for us is respect for all. We are free from sploders or bots. The music alone counts. All styles of music and countries are welcome to celebrate with us. Music in 2 different places. The Main-Club and our Beach.


Enjoy the most varied of atmospheres.
You are very welcome !!!

Holy Decadence Team

More Details about the daily sets and events you will find on the Club Board in front of the Entry. Here all interested DJ’s and Host are able to get the NC Applications as well.


Already participating and performing DJ’s are:

..::Nikou::.. (wsonk)

Dj Peter Hammill

Dj Roy Ravinelli

Dj Dvincci

Dj James Lee

Dj Tiozao

Dj Sally Cinnamon

Josch Conjunct (josch69)


Thanks Sandra for the permission to spread this out in my Blog and facebook;)

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check direct comments of Music Artists and Locations for upcoming sets and events below;)

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  1. I love to meet likeminded people…and my connection range is growing and leads me to more music lovers as i also sensed in Sandra right away. One of the busy bees who offers a sound location with several venue spots to give the tunes the perfect atmosphere. She is one of them who loves to feel the tunes…the effect of it…the fun…connection…..and i am sure she also find her healing in it as i do;) Hopefully you find your way over there and one or the other set of the multi genre location will meet your taste;) Enjoy..explore and send her some warm regards from me..when u meet her in person;) Hugs K;)


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