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▣ Live music (NO mainstream) events:
Electronic,experimental,noise,deep,tech,pagan,ambiental,new wave,soul,alternative, metal…
▣Art gallery, coffee, lounge, photography,
▣Respect Here



Space for Live music (no mainstream ) events and art

For a better experience use “Shared enviroment”


Eskol it’s a sim where is collected the philosophy of few places MORLITA Quan had over more than one decade. After the E-FEST (first experimental and creators festival) Eskol moved base to the festival land and his doors are always opened to art and music, focusing the efforts on the quality and to give a chance to new creators and dj’s .
Morlita Quan, doesn’t want a “club” notion over the place and admit all kind of styles excepting mainstream music. The objective of this it is try to show different,minority and unknown styles and keep the quality as much as they can instead to follow a traffic objective
Actually the land is built in 2 parts: Main stage and Art gallery. But new rooms are starting to be built to offer new things like the concept of 8D music into an interactive room, Or cultural conferences.
Step by step, without hurry, Eskol wants to create a family able to everyone with an open mind and respect for everyone and keep going on with the events.
From ESKOL Team: thank you so much for read and welcome to our little family always you want


In RL know as MorlitaM (Olga). A Coruña 1988
She studies Public Relations, Marketing and advertising but from an early age she has always been involved in the world of art and music in a self-taught way and finally make it professional.
She began to play the guitar and percussion at the age of 8 years and from the age of 16 she began to become familiar with mixing consoles, beginning to play music as a DJ, producing his own music and participating in exhibitions of digital and abstract art.
Since 2008 until today she specializes in experimental music and the development of art through new technologies, collaborating with different universities of Fine Arts, museums and national and international art curators
At the compositional level, the first years were covered under the record label NAIF LABEL and she is currently working on her third album independently, at the same time that she is carrying out the parallel group Mind Binomy with the composer Bsukmet and making abstract exhibitions
The composition for short films and sound installations lead MorlitaM to be present with her participation in the United States, Japan, France,Spain, Italy or Canada, some examples of this are the Cannes Film Festival, the FocOff festival, RTVE, Biennale Art or the Nice Carnivals
Currently working for the international music project “Project 110” and an art exhibition about audiovisual arts in Paris “ATELIER DES LUMIÈRES”, and other projects which mix art and music to perform them live
She works in the concept of experimental arts and music in a more accessible environment for everyone, trying to open this world to all kind of minds, focused in Spain (Europe)

█ ▌▒ Music&Art ▒ ▌█

Music Producer/DJ Abstract Artist Graphic Designer

Instagram: @oli_morlitam

Morlita on fb

on Discord:



Main web

Morlitam on YouTube


■ Own Experimental/Noise/Electronic performances & Live Spin
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The Company

“The Company” borns as a non-comercial styles Label. Specializated in experimental stylesThis list inclue Real artists and Virtual ones. You can check all their info at his web profile This brand is nonprofit and the purpose it is to to unite in a single place, quality producers, Dj’s and video artist around the virtual world. Each artist is totally independent.Our goal it is to create a family of artists, music lovers and owners, who easily can find contacts and the right places for diferent styles of music and art The group of The Company, acts as promoter of events but also, as free Spam for the artist who belong to this collectiveStep by step We hope create also RL events to open more doors to our talentsAll the events created IW will count first, with our list of artists

Web: http://www.thecompanysound.org/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChw2mO6_M6AP4dFuVwEkwWA
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/249891127355005



Experimental Producers Festival

28th Sep- 2nd Oct

Edition 2022

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• Festival Entry : (TP click the link below)


• Festival Stage:(TP click the link below)






Thanks to our collabs: Adrenalin, Enigma, TheCompany, K’s World of Music, S.mind and Boa Design


No-mainstream space
Specialized in experimental music and art

Main Stage :
• Other Locations: check Notecards inworld groups
>>>>(During the 5 days of the Festival, the other stages and locations, will be closed) <<<<
• ESKOL Discord: https://discord.gg/ttwbUhAGvu
• ESKOL Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/861715637983905

Wednesday 28th Sep _ Video artist : Iono Allen

● 12pm slt ____ Biotronica (Electronic)
● 1pm slt______ adwehe ( Synth /soundscape/noise)
● 2pm slt _____ Unlast Frog (Experimental Dj set)

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ESKOL Secondlife inworld group key:
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Thursday 29th Sep _ Video artist : Glasz DeCuir
●11am slt _____ Mao Lemieux ( Ambient Electronic Granular Synthesizer Improvisation )
●12pm slt____ A Limb ( Ambient/industrial/experimental)
● 1pm slt_____ Kaia Beattie (Noise/cinematic)
●2pm slt_____ Michi Renoir (Electronic Piano and Synt)
● 3pm slt _____Shiny (Experimental Electronic Drums and Loopers )
Friday 30th Sep_ Video artist : NicoleX Moonwall
● 12pm slt___Livio Korobase (Eclectic)
● 1pm slt____ Echo Starship (Ambiental)
● 2pm slt____ Alchemelic (Postmodern Classical & Electronica Fusion)
● 3pm slt____ Zack Herr ( Bizzare psychédelic electro rock)
● 4pm slt____ Option Z (Experimental electronic retro prog-pop)
 Saturday 1st October _ Video artist : Glasz DeCuir
● 12pm slt___ Traci Ultsch + Delain Particles (Guitar and power electronics)
● 1pm slt____ Morlita Quan + Delain Particles ( Experimental/ Electronic/ Noise )
● 2pm slt____ Daddio Dow (Electronics)
● 3pm slt____ Cypress Rosewood (Ambient Space Music)
● 4pm slt____ Misch Lameth (Experimental electronic)
Sunday 2nd October _ Video artist: Glasz DeCuir
● 11am slt ___ 9Volt Borkotron ( Miscellaneous experimental)
● 12pm slt____ Tia Rungray (Piano and noise )
● 1pm slt____ Dia G (Medieval + Guitar effects)
● 2pm slt ____Shade of Loud (Techno/noise DJ Set)

Thanks Morli for the permission to spread this out in my Blog and fb;)

Supported by K’s World of Music

now also available inworld! All Music Lovers, active or passive, can join my Group for free! DJ’s and Club Owners please contact me directly to get the right Group Tag as K’s supported DJ, or and Club Owner.
SL Group key: secondlife:///app/group/00b0bc50-66f1-c46a-1b41-7fdbe21e864b/about

also available on following platforms:

find more Informations about the DJ’
s, Clubs, Events and more in the comment/reply section under each Post and Page;) Thanks all for your support of the SL Music Scene;) K;)
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  1. PREVIEW;) Thanks Morli for the Invitation….being a part of your upcoming EFEST Event. It’s a big pleasure for me to share this Music Art related happening, which is taking place next week. I hope with this we will make more people curious and show and make them hear how sounds can be effective on our senses. I am glad that Second Life offer the technically basics and platform in order to reach people all over the world with the same idea, needs and understanding of Sounds. Be open minded….share with us…enjoy with us…and be an important part of all the efforts ESKOL provides us the next days:) More details will be shown on my following blog page. Please join our inworld groups mentioned therein, to get info huds about the event, artists, collabs and where to find some gifts:) Cu there…hugs K;)

  2. ESKOL, looking for talents.
    If you or a friend compose or spin diferent styles of music, feel free to contact us. After the succes of E-Fest ( experimental festival) , we hope to increase the days for the second edition next year.
    We also want to promote a new radio station which give visibility to the non mainstream artist of SL and/or Rl. Interested?
    Send your IM here or InWorld and let’s talk about it.
    For now, thank you tribe, and have a wonderful day
    Next event’s information will be able soon

  3. I am very open minded and also love to give Art related Events a special place in my Blog. Art is individual, unique, and them who create it, allow us an insight in their minds and soul. Art is creative and has many ways to touch us. Art is pleasure and mind extention….unfolding and for us who get in touch with it an explore, experience and if it connects us with the Artist the best what could happen. I offer an event here, which might could give you all this…..find it out and let your soul and mind decide if this is also a world where you could find a new home. Find more about Eskol and who is behind in my Blog. Another Eyes and Ears Experience in Second Life….from Artists in RL who see the value to share and being creative in a world wide Community on this Grid. Hugs K;)

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