inworld: hEIN (heinrichmader)

born in Vienna / Austria

Composer, producer (also Soundtracks), DJ in Real Life, DJ in Second Life.


Genre: Style: Open Format. Mixing the Extremes / Electronic Music

SL SHOWS Audio Live Stream:

Specials you should known about hEIN!:

4 2020:
1st in Austrian DJ Mix Charts (Mixcloud)/
Drum & Bass

12 2020:
1st in Austrian DJ Mix Charts (Mixcloud)/

SL shows on Youtube:

recorded at the SILQ Event on 29th Jan. 2021



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  1. hEIN! In The Mix
    Last week of April 2021

    Mon April 26th @ Circle of Consent / New Club
    1-3pm SLT
    Amarillis (141,32,509)

    Thurs April 29th @ The Dreamer’s Cave
    2-3.30 pm SLT
    The Dreamers Cave (189,210,2005)

    Fri April 30th @ Nitroglobus
    12-2 PM SLT
    Sunshine Homestead (38,25,1001)

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