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☑ RL Internatonal Techno DJ

if you want me to spin, you may message me here or on facebook! Know your own worth,  own your actions, believe in yourself!  The true elite are the innovators & the not cloners of dj sets. It is very easy to copy, but not so easy to be unique.  Talent is not ripping off other artists sessions or promos. Create your own identity and then you are on the right path.  ♥ & techno!

“I am not a machine, or a jukebox. You can Think of me as a real live DJ as my sets are never planned.

I rarely know the next track that I will mix next. Sometimes I may know the first track I will play, & I sometimes may know that last track I wish to play but that depends on what artist I follow and my choice can change radically.  The rest of the set is totally random & always improvised.  In this age of digital perfection I need the human element.”  CALReK

Presskit >> file:///C:/Users/johns/AppData/Local/Temp/CALReK_PressRelease2018.pdf  << check for DJ Sets / YouTube / Facebook and more

recording from my One | Three | Four radio show from 29th Oct 2019

 >> thanks Cal for the Permission to spread this out in my Blog and Facebook;)

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