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Owner: Sση Ɠσнαη (songohan.bade)

☑   Owner of  ..::Room23::..
☑   Owner of Loveparade in Second Life
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Genre: Minimal Techno&Techno!!! ( NO  COMERCIAL )


Underground Zone

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This is the idea of it…one leads to the other…people find people and the support of each other will make us grow and reach more in our music community. I like them who are active and introduce us to the out of the row quality in sound. Beside that i love your enthusiasm you have for your yearly project the Loveparade…. a Techno blast!. You did it with lots of success and this encourages you to proceed with it. I had a little sniff into all and saw the progress for another palett of sound experience coming up this June.
Thanks for all what you did..and will do in future. Thanks for calling me up and i sure love to spport you in my way or another round of fun at the Loveparade in Second Life;)

Hugs K;)

         ≈d(-_-)b≈ ➜ Room 23
            Loveparade in Second Life Part 5 is Comming 18th and 19th June 2022!!
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Loveparade 2021 review:

Loveparade 2020 review:

Loveparade 2019 review:

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  1. PREVIEW OR REVIEW;)) that is here the question;)
    Anyhow its worth to check the post and get flashbacks…or already a oh wow..yes…cant wait;)
    Have fun and stay tuned…K’s is on it…and will keep you updated;)
    Hugs guys…music rules;)) !!

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