inworld: Beny-D (ben.rident)
SL : Past Resident DJ @
808 [Electro Breaks]
7th House [Tech House – Future House – Bass House]
ANARCHY CLUB [Acid – Tech House – Techno]
Anarchy [Dubstep – Trap – Future Bass]
District 5 [Techno – Drum n Bass]
EXHALE (Prime Time) [Dubstep – Trap – Future Bass – Bass House]
HANGAR 2 [Techno]
Envy [Dubstep – Trap – Future Bass – Bass House]
EllE Club [Tech House, Latin House]
LVL UP [Techno]
Wick’d Sins [Future Bass – Bass House]

Co-Founder of “The Dirty Club” Est.2007 in partnership with Elektrotribe Records [Germany]

Beny D on facebook

Lost Data since we got some exposure since 2009 with this project
mixcloud rebuild below
Genre:  tech house / Techno / Bass house – Future House / Trap – Future Bass is what i play most these days

more about his RL Work here:

Music: Artistic Director, Studio Engineer, DJ, “Profuze Collective” Founder, Tsafira Producer
Communication: Creative Director in Digital Marketing

+PROFUZE+ Music (Artist Collective – Music Label)
The #music #production #cross-fertilization #collective intelligence structure.

Past Resident DJ @
LOgO Club (Shanghai, CN),
Lune (Shanghai,CN),
YYT Yuyintang (Shanghai,CN).

Gigs @
Pacha (Djerba, TN),
Shelter (Shanghai,CN),
Le Gambetta (Paris,FR),
La Frégate (Grandcamp,FR),
Le KLUB (Paris,FR),
Le Bric à Brac (Paris,FR)..

DJing Rig:
Pioneer XDJ-XZ
2x RP-8000 Mk2
NI Kontrol Z2
NI Maschine MK3 – Ableton Push 2 – Midi Twister
NI Audio 10
Scarlett 18i20 (1st Gen)
Beyerdynamic TG V70s
Yamaha HS50 – UE ADE Edition 2016

Upcoming Sets see also in the Comment Section

Tech-House Set at Club APEX

Sunday 12 – start 2pm

TP Point click here

>> thanks Ben for the permission to spread this out in my blog and facebook;)

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  1. welcome back Ben;) Thanks for keeping me in mind after this long time and sharing with me the news that you will catch up SL Sets again;) I and many more look forward to hear your vibes again and enjoy another RL experienced and active Composer here in our SL Music Scene:) Great Pleasure for me to announce…that you found again time for the SL Music Community. Listen to his perfect Mixing Styles already tomorrow at the Club Apex;) More Info in the Blog;) Hugs K;)

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