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Mαƚƚ Eʂʂ (skynetwork.aries)

Techno producer, dj & CEO techno label

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Dj and Composer SL/RL 12 years – Techno
My Gear: ableton live FOR production, PIONEER XDJ RX2, PIONEER NEXUS

My life is Techno. Thats All.


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This group was founded by techno lover and Czech techno producer Matt Ess. It is intended for everyone who loves techno music and wants only the highest quality techno. So the group is a partner of the group on Facebook Best Techno Tunes. Below you will find a link and you can join there as well. Another partner of the group is HANGAR02, Club which is focused on electronic music such as HOUSE & DEEP, MELODIC & TECHNO, DARKTECHNO, MASSIVE TECHNO, SCHRANZ.

Matt Ess 

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Matt Ess comes from the north of Bohemia from Most near Litvínov. Ever since his youth he was interested in making music. He attended various clubs and festivals that took place throughout the Czech Republic. The first computer comes first encounter with software for making music like Reason, Cubase and Fruity Loops. Later he discovered Ableton where eventually stayed.

The breakthrough in his producer’s career comes much later, in 2011, when the Luxembourg-Belgian label Contrast-R releases his first album called Ressurection. Track Dark from the Resurrection album is immediately released in the Top 10 chart after release. He begins to appear in sets of djs such as Alan Fitzpatrick, Mario Ranieri and Len Faki.

In January 2012, they set up the Ex-tract Records label with Erik S. The first Czech label focused on dark techno but mostly abroad. Over time, Ex-tract Records began to appear more in the Czech Republic and began to have a positive impact on the Czech techno scene.

In 2013, Matt Ess begins to present their work in various Czech clubs. They start to notice him even more in the Foreign Countries. After Austria and Slovakia, the offer also comes to Germany and the Netherlands.

From 2013 until 2017 he has 13 solo albums where he remixes the greatest producers of the darktechno scene and has created 28 remixes for producers such as Twisted, Steve Masterson, Shadym, Makarov & Steen, Gabeen, Leon Boose, Amir Razanica, Datamatrix, and many others. They are also beginning to notice promoters of summer festivals and in 2016 and 2017 there will be an offer to participate and present their work at the summer festival Beats for Love and Svojšice.

His tracks have power, energy, dynamics, and what he bases a lot of is massive Bass. In the 6 years he has been among the top of Czech and foreign production and it is by far not the end of his journey. He is currently working on a new album that will no longer contain only darktechno but also elements of pure techno.

2021-05-17 Raiders Of Apocalypse II Ex-tract Records II
2021-07-07 Best of Summer, Vol. 1 II Ushuaia Music II
2021-07-05 The Queen Of Hardtechno 3 II Dolma Red II
2021-05-24 Shards Of Dreams II Free Spirit Records II
2021-05-14 Absolutely Energy! Workout Selections 007 II LW Recordings II
2021-05-06 T.E.C.H.N.O. 8 II Licker Records II
2021-04-30 Contract 88 II Ex-tract Records II
2021-04-28 Best of Spring, Vol. 4 IIUshuaia Music II
2021-04-26 Feel The Music II Universum Records II
2021-04-02 Hard Drive 17 II DSR Digital II
2021-03-22 Territory War II Ex-tract Records II
2021-03-16 Hypnotical Division II T1 Music II
2021-03-01 Planet Assault II Ex-tract Records II
2021-02-22 Intergalactic Swarm II Ex-tract Records II
2021-02-22 Avaken Compilation Vol. 03 II Avaken II
2021-02-01 Lost Arts II Ex-tract Records II
2021-02-01 Techno Year Of Eve 2021 II Ex-tract Records II
2021-01-22 Dark Saw II Avaken II
2021-01-21 Bad Influence EP II Finder Records II
2021-01-18 Avaken Compilation Vol. 02 II Avaken II
2021-01-11 New Years The Best of Sd 4 II Sound Dissonance II
2021-01-08 Stay Away! II Mechanikal II
2021-01-01 The Best Of Frame Workxx Records 2020 II Frame Workxx Records II
2021-01-01 Dope Five II Dope II
2021-01-01 District II Avaken II
2020-11-30 WW Limitless Vol. 07 II Wicked Waves Limitless II
2020-11-14 Acid Dream II The AudioBloc II
2020-11-14 Best of 2020 II Basics Avenue II
2020-11-09 We Are Dark vol. 6 II Finder Records II
2020-11-02 The Best of Sd 3 II Sound Dissonance II
2020-11-02 Hard Drive 15 II DSR Digital II
2020-10-30 Beneath The Skin II Ushuaia Music II
2020-10-12 Industrial Techno Vol. 02 II Wicked Waves Recordings II
2020-10-12 1 Year Best Tracks II Back In Black II
2020-09-25 Take Me To Higher II Pure Dope Digital II
2020-09-23 Hard Techno Fusion, Vol. 5 IIUshuaia Music II
2020-09-21 Home Alone II DSR Digital II
2020-09-15 Asterism II The AudioBloc II
2020-09-14 Unity, Vol. 28 Compilation II Unity Records II
2020-08-24 Avaken Origins: Techno, Vol. 01 II Avaken II
2020-08-22 Kate On The Orion II The Audiobloc II
2020-08-21 Day Of The Beast II Techno Vinyls Records II
2020-08-12 10 YEARS: The Best of Ex-tract Records, Vol. 01 II Ex-tract Records II
2020-08-10 Acid Symphony EP II Bunk3r Records II
2020-08-03 Nothing But… Hard Techno Selections, Vol. 10 II Nothing But II
2020-07-27 Annihilation II Wicked Waves Limitless II
2020-07-13 The Best of Sd 2 II Sound Dissonance II
2020-07-04 From The Box II Thatechno II
2020-07-01 Next Station: Techno, Vol.6 IIEx-tract Records II
2020-06-28 Otherside II Techno Vinyls Records II
2020-06-10 Naked Lunch Year 14 – Part II  II Naked Lunch II
2020-06-08 Oblivion II Avaken II
2020-05-18 Nothing But.. Hard Techno Selections, Vol. 08 II Nothing But II
2020-05-04 WW Limitless Vol. 02 II Wicked Waves Limitless II
2020-04-20 In The Mirror II Back in Black II
2020-04-20 WW Limitless, Vol. 01 II Wicked Waves Limitless II
2020-04-06 Techno Militia EP II Naughty Pills Records II
2020-03-30 The Best of Sd 1 II Sound Dissonance II
2020-03-30 Unity, Vol. 27 Compilation II Unity Records II
2020-03-23 Gods Wounds II Ex-tract Records II
2020-03-23 Reaktor II Sound Dissonance II
2020-03-12 Compilation C20 V/A Various Artist II Basics Avenue II
2020-02-18 Pathological Liar II Frame Workxx Records II
2020-02-17 6th Selection Of The Naughtiest Remixes II Naughty Pills Records II
2020-02-14 Everything II Luft II
2020-01-31 The Best Tracks 2019 Part.3 II Finder Records II
2020-01-23 Naked Lunch 500 – Volume 9 II Naked Lunch II
2020-01-16 Dance II Licker Records II
2020-01-03 The Best Tracks 2019 IIFinder Records II
2020-01-03 Black Lost II Ex-tract Records II

and many more……….!!!

EVENT at TOXIC HIVE a RON MILLING Club supported by

Matt ESS

today 23rd July 2021 – 11am slt




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  1. Hi to all Techno Lovers;) It’s a big pleasure for me to introcuce you MATT ESS one of the best Techno DJ i met in SL so far;) You hear his RL Experiences in his Sets right away and brings you the typical real touch of Techno Tunes into SL. He is a very creative mind..not only spinning also producing and it’s always a special goodie for me to hear his new ideas and mixes in Secondlife. I offer you in his Blog Page many ways to follow him….and you will see and hear …it’s worth to do so;) Enjoy him and other fantastic skilled DJs tonight at the Toxic Hive Club. You will find more in the Post;) Have a great slide into the Weekend guys;) Hugs K;)

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