Inworld name:               ᑭᔕYᑕᕼOᔕIᑎᑎEя (mauritosimpatico)

I’m here for a mission…..
I am a live mixing DJ. Love high energy music.

I am spinning Techno, Dark Techno, Minimal and Deep Tech


on facebook

Spinning in Deep Box, The Gate, Onyx and Casa Loca
If you can’t join my group add me as friend I will TP you to my sets

PSY Secondlife Inworld Group Key



Thanks for the permission to spread this out in my BLOG and FB;))

featured by K’s World of Music

K’s World of Music Secondlife inworld group key:

check direct comments of Music Artists and Locations for upcoming sets and events below;)

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  1. Hi friends
    For the weekly upload my set in EStival 2021, 5 DAYS MUSIC COMMUNITY FESTIVAL 5-9 AUGUST 2021 by Electro Space, Boiler Room, Deep Oyster, Touch of Insanity and Nyctophilia. Thank you all of them for the wonderful team working.
    Thank you for listening and supporting
    For info feel free to contact me: psychosinner19 “at”
    Follow me on Instagram: psychosinner.official

  2. For all who missed PSY live yesterday. He was so kind to record…and upload. A Bomb of Energy….fine tuned….multi layered choosen Techno tracks…A tickle of Senses….activating your mind…..far away of that monotone sets…which just makes u stomp. This set has an impact on your mind….and definately taking over as it actually should do. NO porn tracks pimped up set, which some do to manipulate people and dislead what Techno is made for. PSY just get it..and even more important…he knows how to transfer that feeling, which beside making that energy circle goin….its a surprising and thrilling composition of fantastic Techno Tracks, inbuild breath breakes…..and build up power waves. Congrats!! Glad i got my proof again that i can trust my Senses;) Hugs hon…well done;) K;)

  3. A new Techno Star in my Music World…..unused, fresh….energized…absolutely high skilled…..and ready to share his techno moods with us;)…Well check by myself….with my ears;)) Try to catch him as he is rare inworld! Merry Christmas all,)) Hugs K;)

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