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– thanks Kastor for the permission to spread this out in my Blog and Facebook;)

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  1. [11:56] ҠДگϮф尺 (kastor8troy): DJ Kastor – Melodic Journey @ Onirica
    mer 25/nov/2020 11:46:29 PST

    Onirica – Lounge Beach
    🎧 DJ Kastor
    🕓 12.00 – 2.00 pm SLT
    ❊ Style – Chill & Melodic with a bit of Arabic
    ✈ Onirica Onirica (54,18,52)
    Join us & bring friends, the sim Onirica will be open for non members just during this event.

    Kastor is an experienced DJ from Italy, his creative mixes drag your soul deep into the music from several cultures and backgrounds
    [11:56] LeaFeel: Yo!


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