CO-Owner: Eeva Skywalker (eeva.rasmuson)

Eeva on discord: Eeva#4602

CO-Owner: Lucy in the Skywalker (lucyintheskywalker)

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LM Secoondlife Inworld group key:




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Somewhere in the CIty, on the last floor and rooftop of an anonymous back alley building, life has found a way !

LITTLE MISTAKE is a little club dedicated to good music of all genres, fun-loving people, positive vibes and that little crazy something we all need 🙂

For any information, DJ/performer applications etc, contact either :
Eeva Eeva Skywalker (eeva.rasmuson)
Lucy in the Skywalker (lucyintheskywalker)

We have:
– 2 dancefloors,
– A tiny art gallery,
– A pool woohoo!
– A rooftop bar,
– A stuffed dinosaur called Freddie.

We don’t have:
– Toilets. Sorry, we small!
– Fire exits hehehe.


Thanks Eeva for the permission to spread this out in my Blog and all other platforms;)

Supported by K’s World of Music

now also available inworld! All Music Lovers, active or passive, can join my Group for free! DJ’s and Club Owners please contact me directly to get the right Group Tag as K’s supported DJ, or and Club Owner.
SL Group key: secondlife:///app/group/00b0bc50-66f1-c46a-1b41-7fdbe21e864b/about

also available on following platforms:

find more Informations about the DJ’
s, Clubs, Events and more in the comment/reply section under each Post and Page;) Thanks all for your support of the SL Music Scene;) K;)
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  1. Another neat, cosy and music filled spot i wanna show you in SL with this Blog Entry;) I put my focus on them as i noted more and more great House, Funk and Soul DJ’s show up there! Find the essence of Music Passion at this “Little Mistake”;) A great opporunity to visit them is their Flower Power Party tomorrow;) Check the details in the Post;) I hope you find another place to be and enjoy the vibes, pop up there from time to time;) Join my discord to follow up daily events shared by the Clubs and DJ’s which joined my Project;) Music unites! Hugs K;)

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