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Built in 2020, DEFCON 4th is a dark techno venue, set in a realistic military-themed bunker complete with interactive missile silo and an incredible, advanced lighting system for the ultimate rave experience! The place to be for Techno Tuesdays and the most intense, blow-your-face-off techno events. Feel the bass!!!

we also celebrate the art of the live mix DJ style so all our djs are required to meet certain criteria in order to mix here. They must have proper hardware/software and a minimum level of skill in beat matching and transitions in a live mix setting in order to spin here.

“focused on all underground electronic and indie music, offering 6 unique themed stages,predominantly with an after-hours lounge vibe and heavy emphasis on deep house, deep tech, progressive house and techno.”


If you love friendly people, a sensual and romantic yet modern/stylish adult environment and top quality electronic underground music mixed by RL DJs in Second Life, check out The 4th Social Club and Community.

Started in 2014 by Avia Dionysus, the 4th has withstood the test of time while many other clubs have come and gone — and for good reason. With over 100 live Djs in their collective all specializing in relaxing after-hours vibes mixed live from all over the world, including deep house, deep techno, downtempo chillout, world music, liquid drum N bass and more, there’s something for everyone, as long as you appreciate a relaxed and sensual ambience.

There is always someone friendly (often many!) at the 4th during live events and even in between and after hours, as many SL avatars gather regularly to just relax to the sound of radio in between live parties and events to meet, chat, dance and explore.

A teleporting system is found just outside the door of the main, aqua-themed Lobby Lounge at the TP point, and around the sim at each of the builds to get you from one area to the next – there are multiple themed experiences on offer at the 4th for those who take the time to look (something many don’t realize!). Feel free to explore and see what you find in this Adult community on the Eclipse sim. Roleplayers, photographers, bloggers and romance-seekers will all find something to see, do and enjoy.

More than 1000 avatars visit the Lobby Lounge each month – as it tends to be the main gathering area.

The Rooftop lounge offers a men’s club vibe with hot tub and top shelf cocktails, a small stage and plenty of cozy seating overlooking the city at night.

Spahaus is your modern, eco-chic relaxation destination set in the tropics. Meditation, swimming, yoga, a couples massage suite, a beautiful garden terrace filled with tropical flowers and plants, games (did someone say “Greedy?!”) The Bliss Cafe, and an adult gym are found here, as well as the clothing optional Serenity Beach – build sandcastles, have a campfire, relax and play in the sun or have a cookout under a big tent. The experience you choose, is all up to you.

If you’re after something grittier and darker, check out the INDUSTRY sound lounge level set amid an urban ghetto.

Last but not least, Ella’s Woods is a small but cozy magical fantasy forest teeming with surprises. Waterfalls, fairies, fireflies… romantic and inspiring.

Explore everything the 4th Social Club and its amazing community has to offer – click here to visit the sim now. tp spot

Follow facebook to keep informed of live events (schedule changes once in a while but usually 10am-4pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and impromptu sets as they happen) or join the in world 4th Auditory Bliss Seekers VIP Group here:


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now also available inworld! All Music Lovers, active or passive, can join my Group for free! DJ’s and Club Owners please contact me directly to get the right Group Tag as K’s supported DJ, or and Club Owner.
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  1. The 4th Social Club…one of the great Cult Clubs in SL takes slowly their music stage back;) Please lets support them, who put all their efforts in…and them DJ’s who will spoil us again out of them music walls,) Would be great to meet you there;) Have a great start into the new week and lets sweet um our Monday tomorrow at 4th;) Hugs Avia and all Music Lovers standing behind her and the Club Scene in SL;) K;)

  2. ╚════════════════════════════════╗
    4 T H . S O C I A L . P R E S E N T S
    Live from Lobby Lounge
    ▲ DJ VOGEL 12-2pm // Deep, Tech & Progressive House
    ▲ Host: Bri / Mgr: Avia
    ▲ Follow:
    Get on a Higher Level … @ the 4th!

  3. [09:35] Aνiaиa Ð’Vεиŧï Ðεϋο (avia.dionysus): heyyyy peeps
    [09:35] Aνiaиa Ð’Vεиŧï Ðεϋο (avia.dionysus): our weekly D-Days Event at DEFCON4 is about to pop off
    [09:35] Aνiaиa Ð’Vεиŧï Ðεϋο (avia.dionysus): you guys ready??? PAsquale got a new computer and he’s back bigger and stronger than ever lol
    [09:36] Aνiaиa Ð’Vεиŧï Ðεϋο (avia.dionysus): NOW WITH MORE TECHNO ! XD
    [09:36] Aνiaиa Ð’Vεиŧï Ðεϋο (avia.dionysus): (he’s our first dj)
    [09:36] Aνiaиa Ð’Vεиŧï Ðεϋο (avia.dionysus): our line up today: 10am – PASQUALE / 12PM NEB / 2PM BENDER

  4. Calling all the lovers & dreamers… come relax with us for the next 2 hours, won’t you?
    ▲ /// 4 t h S o c i a l P r e s e n t s ///
    ▲ DJ F O N I C ////
    ▲ /// 10am-12pm
    ▲ D e e p + P r o g r e s s i v e C h o o n z ///
    ▲ // t h e r a p y t h u r s d a y //

  5. Hey 4th fam! MARKUS SPINS TECHNO 12-1PM@DEFCON!!

    Note: I canceled scheduled most events this week; many staff & members are afk re: holidays, which has made it tough to manage schedules. So we’re enjoying downtime tho the odd DJ will still spin so stay tuned/come out!


    We will resume regular schedule next week. For now HAPPY HOLIDAYS – STAY SAFE & ENJOY!!!! XO – AVIA & THE 4TH FAM

  6. /////////////////////////////////////////////// ☢ ☢ ☢
    ☢ DJ FORT // 10aM -12pM SLT ☢ TECHNO TUESDAY!
    ☢ Location:
    ☢ Follow:
    ☢ A 4 T H S O C I A L L I V E M I X E V E N T ☢
    /////////////////////////////////////////////// ☢ ☢ ☢

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