inworld: Desterac LXIX (desterac.laval)


“Yeah, I’m a slave to the rhythm and i like to spin a tune once in a while. If you need a DJ to juice up a party, IM me and we can work something out. I like ’em groovy, funky, kinky, hot and sweaty.

spinning everything from deep house to techno, disco, soulful and all included

Host : Pïnk (keiko beaumont)

Here’s my DJ Schedule, in SL Time, Lm to the clubs you find in my other picks

Thursday : 12 – 2pm Home
Friday : 11.30 – 1pm Peak
Saturday :  12 – … pm Elysion
The rest of the days : in my dreams

Hope to see you soon.”

>> Thanks Des for the permission to spread this out in my Blog and Facebook;)<<

featured by K’s World of Music

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