inworld landmark url: Silver Dragon Club
Owner: Isees and ρℜ4 (pr4d4)
Manager: Roxxy

*Mondays Boldo Runo with his special mixture of music.12-2 slt

*Tuesdays! Topless Contest! DJing Isees or Pr4d4 and Host Roxxy 12-2 slt.

*Wednesday DJ/Composer EIf/d-00-b & Host Kaly 12-1 PM SLT Some Brilliant Original Music / Excellent Dj Selection (also his radio station runs 24/7 here)

*Wednesday DJ / composer hEIN! 1-3PM Slt – Sheer Excellence! Top Of his Game

*Wednesday   Roxxy 3-4 PM SLT – Roxxy’s Classical Hour  & Excellent Dance Hud (Contest Event ! EVERY WEDNESDAY!)


The Silver Dragon is a club open fresh environment friendly great hangout spot with awesome DJs and great selection of music. Running by Isees. ρℜ4 and Roxxy. SD has a goal and its to have fun when everyone gets together. We are progressive we are evolving with music and customs.

ρℜ4: The purpose of the Silver Dragon Club & Mission statement that the people giving their time and talent to the club, subscribe to

* to bring an excellent level of music to the people of second life
* To have as many styles of music available as possible represented by each dj who plays at SD, to date
* an open & fun atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy the music, engage in good company with regular, reliable routinely appointed times
* to progress and move forward together in  time to cater to the evolving needs of the patrons who visit the club
* to provide a superior service & entertainment in rightfully showcasing & sharing the talent of our individual DJs and musicians with as many people as possible.
* to keep the club alive and well into the future so that we continue to function for the people of sl and for the music

>> thanks Prada for the permission to spread this out in my blog and facebook;)

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