Dɾυʂԋιʅα Dҽ ѠѺɳҚα Dҽɳʋҽɾ Bσʂ (drushila)
* Dj in SL 6 since years
ѠأŀŀῪ ѠѺЙҚÀ  Dҽɳʋҽɾ Bσʂ  (nepttune)
* Dj in SL 8 since years
Ñóггzкi ЗКЧЩАḺкЄя ßoS (norrzki)
Genre: Techno,Deep,Techno,Progressive,Melodic, Afro Vibes & Tribal, House, Tech, Jackin House, Rock & Metal

The meaning of Nyctophilia is the Love Of Darkness Or Night, Finding Relaxation Or Comfort In The Darkness.

as many users of second life love the night we decided to open this project as open stage.

We prepare some random parties mostly on sundays you can enjoy many genres there but the main genre is TECHNO

So you all are very welcome to hang out with us and enjoy the music that our djs share every sunday with us.


*Nyctophilia DJS:

Cheeky Mouse       Micky Nyn Lethal          Steven Penellt

Savio                      Ran Aino                       Tricky

Soja                        Bhilly                             Frank Eizenhart

Auda                       Raute                            Annie

Arya                        Kevin Mhia                    Mobster

Hinio Banana         Vovo                             Chanya

DJ Fort                    Kastor                           Fonic

Picky                       Pepsy                           Snowcrash

Marco Lelouch        Ale                               Constantine Tairov

Marc Porthos          Marin                           Dwayne

Bander                    Erol                              Iozi wasp

Vichenso                 Melinda                       Karson Kader

Nadja Neville           RNA                            and many more……

>> thanks Dru for the permission to spread this out in my blog and facebook;)

featured by K’s World of Music

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  1. Hello everyone im dealing with a hard situation in this moment with my RL, so please to all staff and visitors, if you guys needs something related with Nyctophilia feel free to send a message to Dany Lamarre
    or Ana Mendizabal
    in fb or inworld (Nepttune resident) (Bamshyl Bookmite) they will be running the parties that we booked bcz i really don’t know when i will be back to SL….hugs

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