Inworld Name: ɇVøłɨɇȿ (evolgrinder.mortlock)

  • Australia

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Genre: Techno; Dark Techno; Hard Techno; Acid Techno; Industrial Techno

spinning at following inworld clubs – Bassheads; Electro Space; Cemento;

Club Zero; Nyctophilia


Evolgrinder Info

Record Producer, Sound Engineer, Nuendo Programmer, Host of The World Destroyers Radio Show and a Disk Jockey with 30 years experience in the music industry

Thanks Evolies for the Permission to spread this out in my Blog and fb;)

featured by K’s World of Music

K’s World of Music Secondlife inworld group key:

check direct comments of Music Artists and Locations for upcoming sets and events below;)

4 Comments on ɇVøłɨɇȿ (evolgrinder.mortlock)

4 Replies to “ɇVøłɨɇȿ (evolgrinder.mortlock)”

  1. eVol started me on my dark ⠉⡏⠉ ⣯⣍⣉ ⢎⣉⣉ ⡧⠤⢼ ⡗⢄⣸ ⢎⣉⡱ trip!
    It’s all eVol’s fault!
    Definitely take in one of eVol’s sets. You’re cheating yourself if you don’t.

  2. Thanks so much for such wonderful words and inclusion on this blog K! =D I got goosebumps just reading it hehe… Much ♥♥♥ ! 🤘🐰🤘

  3. Let me introduce you this skilled DJ I heard some weeks ago the first time;) I instantly got this goosebumps feeling and my mind started to hook on her right away. She is able to combine great tracks in a perfect mix. No…am not talking about a soft and smooth feeling……it blows my mind when i hear her. She is instantly activating me and you just wanna join on her trip. She loves Techno and she can spin it. Great Taste in Tunes…and beside that a fucking great avatar stylist;)…She has her own hide away club….so far….IM her…and poke her to share her talent more often out of her home set;) If my teaser is not enough…..then go and hear her live later on at the following location;) If she is to hard then you are to soft…! Get your mind boost here:
    ɇVøłɨɇȿ (evolgrinder.mortlock): CEMENTO DARK SATURDAY EVOLIES
    ⠉⡏⠉ ⣯⣍⣉ ⢎⣉⣉ ⡧⠤⢼ ⡗⢄⣸ ⢎⣉⡱

    🅳🅹 : ✭ ✭ ✭ ɇVøłɨɇȿ ✭ ✭ ✭
    🆆🅷🅴🅽 : 4PM – 5 30PM SLT


    🆄🅑🅴🆁:Vice Liberty (18,154,3803)

    RaRe MuSiC FoR RaRe PeoPLe


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