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If interested in DJing contact ηιккι ωιηѕ (indiranirvana)

Upcoming Events for Deep Oyster! New DJs for you this week!!!! Welcome DJ Louise Nobodie, DJ Laundra Beerbaum, DJ Kaori and DJ Dielectric Octopus ♥

Deep Oyster Weekly Schedule – 26th of April – 2nd of May 2021


Upcoming Events for Deep Oyster! Welcoming DJs Dave Rave, Recki and Mal this week!


View Our Monthly Calendar HERE!


Week: 26th of April – 2nd of May 2021
.: Monday :.
Deep Oyster Beats Session
Genre: Mixed Genre/House
DJ Natalia M | 2-4pm slt
DJ Minna | 4-6pm slt
DJ Aeryia | 6-8pm slt
.: Tuesday :.
Tuesday Party
Genre: Mixed Genre- Reggae/Dub/Fun Tech House
DJ Moshi | 2-4pm slt
DJ Tati Foxx | 4-6pm slt
.: Wednesday :.
Metal Sounds
Genre: Mixed Genre – EBM/Rock/Metal
DJ Anje Black-Swan | 6-7:30pm slt
DJ Madisson | 7:30-9pm slt
DJ DrFeelgood | 9-11pm slt
DJ RebekaNLady | 11-1am slt
.: Thursday :.
Thursday Dance Night
Genre: DnB/Melodic Progressive
DJ Misch | 3:30pm-5pm slt
DJ Nat the Cat | 5-6pm slt
DJ Candy | 6-8pm slt
DJ Minty Vanilla | 8-10pm slt
DJ Berkeley Yoshikawa | 10-12am slt
DJ Karina Lake | 12-1am slt
.: Friday :.
Future Sound Party Night
Genre: Mixed Genre – Psytrance, EDM & More
DJ Dave Rave | 1-2pm
DJ Recki | 2-3pm
DJ RebekaNLady | 3-4pm
DJ Mishell | 4-6pm slt
DJ Khaos Republic | 6-8pm slt
DJ Madisson | 8-10pm slt
.: Saturday :.
Saturday Sounds
Genre: Mixed Genre – House/DnB/Techno/Electro/Future Funk
DJ Ashi Bashi | 12-1pm slt
DJ Nikki | 1-2pm slt
DJ Minna | 2-4pm slt
DJ Mal | 4-6pm slt
DJ SNWCRSH | 6-8pm slt


Thanks Nikki for the Permission to spread this out in my Blog and Facbook;)

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  1. Thanks Nikki for allowing me to display your fantastic club location in my Blog;) I had this wow effect when i tped in there the first time;) Lovely people…a wide range of music genres….and this great energy atmosphere. beside the visually pleasure, is just a few things, which makes me love this place;) Please keep going updating me about your schedule, so that i can pick them “wanna be there” slots;) Hugs K;)


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